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Actigreen (Original Green Tea Powder) Extra Concentrated - with peppermint

Bio Flavonoids
Weight management
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H. pylori

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ActiGreen™Original Green Tea Powder with peppermint offers a convenient way to obtain the active constituents of Green Tea in an readily absorbed form. With its documented  content of Catechins and the potent antioxidant compound EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate), ActiGreen™ provides strong antioxidant benefits.

You can also have organic green tea with peppermint. It is exactly the same ingredents and quantities per daily dose as our original green tea, but we have added peppermint to give it a fresh taste.

ActiGreen™ Original Green Tea Powder was developed in Denmark in 1998 by PharmaGreenApS founder Torben Damm, who had seen the consumers growing interest in green tea.  Just like then, the interest is focused on green tea's healthy properties, especially the antioxidants.  A steady stream of scientific articles publishes the tea's significance in terms of health.  ActiGreen™ Original Green Tea Powder is developed in terms of the use of green tea for therapeutic purposes and is therefore analyzed for its content of catechins, the active ingredients in green tea.

ActiGreen™ Original Green Tea Powder contains an amount of catechins, 2-3 times stronger than an average cup of green tea.

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