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Berberine 500

Leaky Gut
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Pure, highly concentrated berberine HCl (97%), from non-GMO Indian barberry.

Berberine appears to have more than one role within the body when taken as a concentrate. It has an anti-inflammatory action on the pathways of oxidative stress and inflammation that contribute to the pathogenesis of various diseases including Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). Specifically, Berberine has been shown to influence the various kinase and signaling pathways influencing adipocytes and immunocytes to produce interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumour necrosis factor-a (TNF- a), thereby reducing levels of NF-kB and AMP-activated protein kinases (AMPK).

Berberine acts as an antioxidant, thereby inhibiting oxidative stress also associated with the development of insulin resistance.

Berberine promotes healthy blood sugar levels by decreasing the absorption of glucose in the gut and glucose synthesis, increases pancreatic insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity, and glucose breakdown.

Berberine supports healthy cholesterol metabolism by inhibiting cholesterol absorption in the gut, increases cholesterol excretion into the bile, decreases cholesterol synthesis.

Berberine supports a balance of gut microbiota. It increases levels of Akkermansia muciniphila, which is associated with lower BMI and healthy blood sugar management. A. muciniphila also has been shown to improve gut tight junction integrity and attenuate LPS-induced inflammation.

Berberine decreases intestinal permeability & increases gut production of butyrate, a healthy SCFA.

Berberine supports bile acid metabolism. It reduces lipid peroxidation and also has cholagogue, choleretic actions.

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