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Metavive IV - Bovine Thyroid Complex 80mg NEW IMPROVED FORMULA with added Nucleotides

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Note for Regular Customers: Please note that the change in weight of active ingredients shown on the new product label is simply due to the addition of nucleotides to the original formula. The weight of meat within each capsule has not changed, so to all our regular customers who are used to the original formulation, please continue using this new product the same as you did previously.

Metavive IV, Bovine Thyroid Complex 80 mg (90 Capsules)

Metavive IV contains freeze-dried bovine thyroid glands come from Procepts’ proprietary farm sources in Europe. Their grass-fed cattle are reared as nature intended, without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. For most of the year they are free to range on open grass pastures and whilst protected indoors during the winter months, they are fed naturally fermented grass (silage).

The thyroid glands are collected by EU approved abattoirs, freeze-dried and further processed using low temperature methods, to carefully preserve their raw nutritional value, before blending with a synergistic complex of Ribonucleotides, the raw building blocks of RNA and DNA for every cell.

Nucleotide Nutrition

Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. As such, they are needed by all cells of the human body, particularly during periods of regeneration, growth and repair. Nucleotides are also involved in cellular energy production, help to mediate cellular signalling and regulate certain enzymes, along with many other cellular functions.

The body has an ability to produce small amounts of nucleotides itself, as well as to salvage them from old, non-functional cells. However, in tissues which normally have a high cellular turnover (e.g. in the gut, the production of immune cells, or in athletes), or when environmental stressors normally generate an increased demand (e.g infection or injury), then these synthesis and salvage pathways may not be sufficient to supply adequate amounts of nucleotides to the body. So depending on current circumstances, additional nucleotides derived from the diet can become essential for the body.

Historically, organ meats and fermented foods were the richest natural sources of nucleotides in the diet. But as intakes of these wholefood sources have declined in the modern diet, recent scientific interest has focussed on finding additional sources of nucleotide supplementation. As such, the purified complex of all four primary nucleotides added to this new formula, perfectly complements this premium quality organ meat supplement.

  • Free-range bovine thyroid glands
  • Grass fed on natural pastures in Europe
  • Reared without the use of growth promoting hormones or antibiotics
  • No solvent, enzymatic or heat-based removal of fats
  • Nothing is removed. Just raw, premium quality, whole bovine thyroid glands, processed at low temperatures to preserve their full nutritional value
  • Now includes a synergistic complex of all four primary nucleotides. Purified and quality tested to be gluten, yeast and lactose free.
  • Free from all artificial additives (colours, binders, fillers and flow agents such as magnesium stearate)
  • Free from added salt, sugar, starch, wheat, corn, dairy and soy derivatives

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