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Not all probiotics are created equal. For a probiotic to perform its necessary function, it must survive the stomach’s harsh environment and arrive to the intestines alive.

Because of their endospore coat, Bacillus spore probiotics are resilient probiotic strains that survive the low pH of the gastric barrier, allowing the entire dose of ingested bacteria to reach the intestines intact. This exceptional degree of stability and 99% spore state means that SporeBiotic doesn’t need the much higher probiotic overages of other probiotic products.

The use of spores as probiotics is highly important as spores are designed to survive through the gastric system and colonise well to produce the needed effects. Additionally, spores make a potent impact in the gut since the spore population in the gut is low enough that the 4 billion spores added each day through SporeBiotic will make a potent impact on the sensory systems in the gastrointestinal tract to create beneficial effects. Spores are also important to police and defend the gut from unwanted microbes and to support the growth of the natural species found in each individual.

SporeBiotic Benefits: 

- Delivers 4 Billion Cells Daily for Maximum Potency & Absorption
- Supports Healthy Intestines
- Survives the Harsh Digestive Environment
- Supports a Healthy Immune System

Strain Functions:

Bacillus coagulans SC208:

  • Strongly studied with long history of use in IBS, Crohn’s Disease & ulcerative colitis
  • Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid to support gut acidity
  • Potent immune stimulation

Bacillus licheniformis SL307:

  • Produces antibiotic bacitracin to keep pathogens under control
  • Produces protease and improves protein digestion
  • Produces whole spectrum of B vitamins and Folic acid

Bacillus clausii SC109:

  • Most widely used probiotic drug in the world
  • Potent immune stimulator
  • Antibiotic resistant for use during antibiotic treatment

Bacillus Subtilis HU58™:

  • Produces over 12 affective antibiotics
  • Widely used, safe and highly effective
  • Produces nattokinase and vitamin K2
  • Supports immune system development within the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT)

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